Every production process has some "secondary" activities that integrate the processing proper and are fundamental for its success. Automating these activities makes it possible to create an optimal organisation of the departments, improve corporate productivity and obtain considerable production cost reductions.

Starmatik can develop and install customised systems for any handling and feeding operation - moving, carrying, feeding, packaging or other - independently of the industrial sector in which they are used, the type of objects to be processed and the materials involved.

Thanks to the use of advanced viewing systems, the Starmatik handling systems can collect and palletize items placed randomly directly from the bins, thus eliminating the need for the prior organisation of the materials.



Case History

Feeding of an hydraulic press Emanuel 1000 Tons
Robotized system for loading unloading Salvagnini panel bender
Robotized bending and punching machine tending cell
Robotized bending and punching machine tending cell
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