Special applications

In today's industrial world there is an increasing trend towards the adoption of complex automatic systems that can deal with the entire production process - or a substantial part of the same - rather than use automatic systems dealing with individual processes; this is due to the fact that complex systems can offer bigger advantages in terms of streamlining of the production processes. Indeed, such systems make it possible to adopt a lean production logic that reduces processing times, streamlines staff performance, guarantees uniform quality of processed pieces, allows for better use of space and reduces the need for stocks.

Thanks to its extensive knowledge of automation, Starmatik has been generating several combined solutions for its customers, with systems that join different processes for a set of items, starting from bending and going on to spot welding/welding, grinding and handling.

The winning characteristic, in this case, is Starmatik's organisation, that employs a higher than average number of staff; this allows the company to manage especially complex projects and to avail itself of a specific engineering department fully dedicated to special systems. Research and Development activities dedicated to finding this type of solutions are a continuous challenge for our company, giving birth to innovations that are then included in Starmatik's standard range of specifications.

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