Sorting activities are one of the production processes that can best benefit from automated systems. Traditionally, sorting is carried out manually, due the extreme variability of pieces, but it has very low added value.

The Starmatik sorting systems are equipped with anthropomorphic robots to manage the unloading and palletisation of most of the sheet metal pieces processed by the laser cutting machines, all with a single, automated operation. These innovative systems, of proven validity, can identify pieces in the laser's nesting, and can collect them and place them on pallets, removing the waste to the appropriate discharge bay.

In order to be able to manage pieces that vary in shape and thickness, and are often fragile, the Starmatik systems are equipped with anthropomorphic robots with automatic gripper change (gripper hand). Moreover, before allowing the gripper to collect a piece of cut sheet metal, a video cameras system checks that each piece is lifted completely, so as to make it possible to check the completeness and exactness of the cutting procedure.

Starmatik sorting systems are compatible with the loading/unloading systems of other manufacturers and streamline the use of space thanks to the various models including either fixed or mobile robots, mounted on either the floor track or the portal. They can handle sheet metal pieces measuring 3000x1500 mm or 4000x2000 mm, with a minimum thickness of 0.5 mm.

Case History

Robot cell for unloading and sorting of laser cut parts and bending
Laser loading with robot for descharging the cut parts
Loading/Unloading and Sorting on Trumpf 3000 x 1500 fiber Laser
Sorting and Loading-unloading system for Laser with Robot
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