Laser loading & unloading

The need to address the management of processes during operator-unassisted shifts and to pay attention to the physical space issues in workshops are especially important in the field of laser cutting systems. Starmatik developed automated loading and unloading systems that can be integrated in any laser cutting machine with CO2 or fibre technology, already installed at the client's or under construction.

Our systems can be developed horizontally or vertically, to streamline floor space use, and have their loading bays mounted along or above the cutting table (with towers up to 10 levels high) and portals that can move either horizontally or vertically.

The loading/unloading systems of the Starmatik laser cutting plants are available in two standard versions - for sheet metal pieces measuring 3000x1500 mm or 4000x2000 mm - or in customised versions designed according to customer specifications. Our cutting systems can handle sheets with a maximum thickness of 20 mm.

Case History

Robot cell for unloading and sorting of laser cut parts and bending
Laser loading with robot for descharging the cut parts
Loading / unloading of laser 3000 x 1500 with tower rack storage
Loading / unloading of laser 3000 x 1500 with tower rack storage
Laser loading and unloading for sheets 4000 x 2000
Loading/Unloading and Sorting on Trumpf 3000 x 1500 fiber Laser
Sorting and Loading-unloading system for Laser with Robot
Load-unload for Laser 6000x2000mm
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