There are several welding technologies used at an industrial level. This is why having automated systems able to carry out a torch change automatically is especially useful. Next to more traditional technologies, some more modern welding techniques, such as laser welding, are starting to become popular and, even though they are not common yet, their strong development in the next few years is expected. Starmatik already supplies automatic welding systems of various types, from the simplest to the most complex solutions, able to integrate MIG/MAG, TIG and PLASMA technologies; they can also operate with laser technology, by interfacing with welding generators of many different international-level brands.

Starmatik automated welding islands are designed and customised according to client requirements and equipped with the best anthropomorphic robots on the market. In this case, too, the robots can be installed on a platform, a column, on floor track, the floor or a portal, so as to guarantee ideal working conditions according to the available space and type of processing.

The skill of the Starmatik designers produces manual and/or automatic shadowing solutions (locking templates), custom-designed for the products of the final customer.

Case History

Robotized welding cell for augers
Robotized welding cell with automatic torch changing system
Welding of stainless steel hoods
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