Finishing activities have been carried out manually for a long time, and even though automation is starting to gain weight in this sector, too, a lot of operators are still resistant to entrust this process to an automated system. Indeed, quality finishing of complex work pieces requires the availability of advanced processing systems.

For this reason the solutions developed by Starmatik in this field prefer the use of anthropomorphic robots that can imitate the movements of a human arm over the more conventional Cartesian robots.

The work units were designed specifically for automated applications and are standard; the systems are based on modular, dedicated grinding, polishing and satin finishing solutions for stainless steel products. They can be combined into cells that can carry out all the necessary activities for a complete finishing of the product without the presence of an operator.

Potentially critical elements, such as corners, are treated effectively and quickly thanks to oscillating machines and brushing machines that, combined, ensure a perfect satin finish.

Characteristics such as the reduced number of components and structural simplicity make these cells extremely reliable, while the considerable length of the belts reduces stops for the replacement of worn out components to a minimum.

Case History

Grinding/polishing of stainless steel hoods
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