In order for an automated processing system to guarantee optimal process profitability, it is fundamental that it be equipped with appropriate and effective software tools. For this reason, Starmatik has its own internal software house, to develop the management platforms and the programming of its systems.

  • Easy Bend is the entry-level software for the simpler offline programming requirements for automated bending cells.
  • SimulEasy is the 3D software for the offline programming of automated pressure-bending systems. The 3D simulation environment displays all the components in their entirety and can be navigates and customised. The operator can control the generated trajectories, alter them and, finally, generate the processing and palletising programme for both the robot and the press.
  • Laser-Robot is the offline software used to programme sorting systems robots. It makes it possible to import any nesting generated by the laser cutting machine and to define the necessary specifications for the sorting of pieces. Then a robot programming code is generated, valid for several controller models.
  • WorkCellSupervisor is the man-machine interface software used for the automatic management of the production according to a joblist. Thanks to this software, it is possible to manage the activity of a work cell by transferring the specific operating programmes to the individual devices inside the cell, to coordinate its processing activities and maximise its productivity, and finally by saving the production data.
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