Starmatik, sheet metal automatic processing.

Starmatik is, without a doubt, one of the leading concerns in the field of sheet metal automatic processing, with activities such as bending, welding, grinding, laser loading and unloading, sorting, handling in general and special systems. Incorporated in 1996, and the manufacturer of over 600 systems, designed and installed throughout the world, Starmatik offers solutions for a wide range of applications, a complete, high quality service customised on the basis of the client's requests.

Thanks to the considerable know-how of its experts, Starmatik can satisfy specific automation needs, developing ad hoc projects and following their realisation. Process analysis, the accuracy in the identification of problems and their possible solutions, the continuous interaction with the customer, the care dedicated to its projects, their realisation and fine tuning are some of Starmatik's unique characteristics. In order to guarantee the quality of its products, Starmatik integrates machines and machining centres produced by leading companies in the market into its own systems. Read More

All systems are in-house developed and planned, including both the mechanical aspect and the electric and robot/PLC programming part.
Industrial robotics connected to the specific field of sheet metal processing makes the customer self-sufficient in terms of process management, increasing their professionalism and engendering staff satisfaction.

This is Starmatik's mission: the company realised that robot-assisted pressure bending, for instance, is one of the next steps in the development of process technology, due to reasons connected with operator safety, production time reduction and the increase of results obtainable with such technology.


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