Automated metal processing
Qualità e sicurezza
Quality and safety

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Our commitments

Increase productivity
while increasing safety:
objective reached

The globalization of the markets requires manufacturers to involve all their staff in containing business costs.
Hence the need to operate with maximum precision, punctuality and flexibility, in order to meet customer requests.
Starmatik continues to invest in product standardization and range completion (flexible production systems and tending/automation for different processes).
In this perspective, all business functions represent an important and absolutely necessary element for growth and continuous improvement.
The quality of our products, modernization, cutting-edge solutions, support and care for the needs of our customers are the key points necessary to ensure customer satisfaction, retain current customers and acquire new ones.
The compliance and safety of our products are fundamental requirements, not only in terms of meeting legal obligations, but above all as a social commitment to our customers and their operators who interact with our robotic and automation systems daily.
In the workplace, compliance with safety standards is a basic requirement for achieving the objectives mentioned above, in the context of constant improvement of working conditions and personal safety for both operators and the community at large.


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