Automated metal processing
Oltre il concetto  di customized solution

Beyond the concept
of customized solution

Specialization in customization

Each of our systems, even the most complex, starts with a pencil and a blank sheet of paper, and is developed without putting boundaries to creativity

Starmatik has gone beyond the concept of mere customized solutions. Starmatik has invested in the skills of its team and its tools to develop an even more specific and integrated approach, starting from the acquisition and the processing of the information provided by the customer.
This method, applied to each progressive stage of the process, allows Starmatik not only to identify and solve the most complex requirements, but to offer effective solutions for standing out from the competition by means of long-term development strategies.

Specializzazione nella personalizzazione
New solutions

Get ready for change

We are inspired by nature, by science, by the inexhaustible creativity of people. Just as no two snow crystals are alike, in 25 years of activity we have never built two identical cells. Each of our projects is unique because it matches perfectly the specific and unique needs of each customer. It is a sign of our versatility and our ability to invent new solutions.

The perfect system for every application

Our processes


Collecting information

Starmatik identifies the needs of the customer and acquires all the information required for the design of a system which is efficient now and will remain efficient in the future.


Data crossing and analysis

All the information collected is shared amongst the work team and analysed to identify possibilities and criticalities of the project.


Study and design

Our design team carefully studies objectives and purposes to develop a project which is perfectly aligned with the specifications required.



The project undergoes virtual tests that allow you to realistically simulate the functionality of the system before proceeding to production.

End-to-end solutions

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