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We create advanced technologies
to transform ideas into shapes

Innovation in automation

Starmatik leads the innovation
in the sheet metal working

For over 25 years, Starmatik has been making significant and innovative contributions to the manufacturing processes of the sheet metal working industry.
We design and manufacture advanced industrial automation systems, and we are specialised in bending and tending cells for laser cutting. Our company is renowned for its great attention to new technologies, domain expertise and process efficiency.

We have a great treasure: our competency acquired with experience, our insatiable curiosity, our ability to understand the specific requirements of each individual customer and develop the ideal proposal. Our reputation was consolidated by the quality of our product range and our partnership with the most prestigious brands in the automation sector.
Drawing from this, we can meet the most complex challenges and improve productivity and the quality of the work.

Turnkey solutions
years of activity
installations around the world
La parola chiave è innovazione
Ingenuity for people

is the keyword

Starmatik promotes strategical innovation of the production processes in the sheet metal working industry to lead it towards a more advanced, more efficient, more sustainable model, where people may fully express their potential through technology.

In each Starmatik project, human contact is the starting point and remains at the centre of innovative processes. We work with people. It is people that inform and remain involved in the creation and the development of our project, using powerful integrated tools to transform ideas into form and action.

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Starmatik headquarter

A place where the future
can grow

In 2017, Starmatik opened its new headquarters, offering a significantly larger manufacturing space to meet an ever increasing number of projects. The architecture and design of the offices are designed to convey natural light to the all the places where people share their work.

Innovation in automation


In the path of our unceasing development, we have transformed from a general integrator to a leading global company, thanks to our ability to identify the best course of action and guide our customers in the construction of systems that are ideal for their own circumstances.

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End-to-end solutions
End-to-end solutions
Excellence since 1996

28 years
of innovation

Today, Starmatik has installations in 40 countries and does not intend to place limitations to its continued expansion.
A lot has changed over these 28 years, but the values that we had at the beginning have remained unchanged: respect for work, technology as a source of inexhaustible discovery, confidence in an ever better future in which each individual plays a decisive role.


Oriented towards the future

Orientati al Futuro

First HBS3


First HBS2

Prima HBS2

The HBS cell is developed

Viene sviluppata la cella HBS

Wide spaces, functionality and design: our new headquarters

Ampi spazi, funzionalità e design: il nuovo headquarter

The first loading and unloading system is built

Viene realizzato il primo sistema di carico scarico

The first sorting system is built

Viene realizzato il primo sistema di sorting

The first FBS system is built

Viene realizzato il primo sistema di FBS

The first twin robot system is built

Viene realizzato il primo sistema twin robot

The first automated robot system is built

Viene realizzato il primo sistema automatizzato con robot