Automated metal processing
Sistemi di piegatura


Automated solutions

Custom and standard

Starmatik’s range of solutions for sheet metal working is the most extensive and complete on the market.
We create custom systems expressly designed for specific requirements and for any type of sheet metal, integrating and optimizing the processes that precede and follow the bending operation.
Our specialization and our great experience allow us to design standard cells, fully automated and complete systems, ready to be transported and put into production.
MBS, HBS I, HBS II e HBS III represent the excellence of optimization made in Starmatik.
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Custom bending systems

The perfect system
for every requirement

Custom bending systems

The solutions developed by Starmatik have specific features, such as our Flexible Bending System (FBS) which manages the work queues by automatical...

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Standard bending systems

Our off-the-shelf


Robotic solution designed for creating a standard bending cell. Its small and optimized size makes the microcell a particularly competitive standar...

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Robotic solution designed for creating a standard, high-capacity bending cell for small size parts.
HBS 1 is built on a steel frame for easie...

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Robotic bending solution designed for creating a standard cell for non-stop production of large batches, including delicate parts, without human in...

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Standard robotized bending cell that allows the production of large batches without human intervention.

HBS III is a compact b...

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End-to-end solutions

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