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Robotic bending solution designed for creating a standard cell for non-stop production of large batches, including delicate parts, without human intervention. HBS II, which can be equipped with an AGV interface, is a compact single frame solution, a feature that makes the installation and commissioning of the cell very simple and fast.

It is equipped with 2 standard grippers suitable for most small parts.

The cell, equipped with automatic gripper change on a pre-loader, also allows to adapt the gripper of the loader to specific pieces to be folded and to take them from special rack through gripper equipped with tilting pliers.

It is equipped with an adaptive centering table to handle a larger number of parts to be worked.

  • Modular solution
  • Plug and play
  • Low energy consumption
  • Prompt delivery

Technical data

Robot Fanuc25 kg
Sheet metal size max600 x 600 mm (from pre-loader)
Max. weight of the part to be manipulated5 kg
Auxiliary pre loading
Loading and unloading of new parts during the work stage
Unloadingon double output bay
Gripper changeautomatic
Tool changeautomatic
Offline programming software
Job list management

Differences with HBS II

HBS II Pro is equipped with one gripper storage per loader, featuring an out-of-working-area system (better utilization of available space)
The loader is automatically equipped with the various grippers through the use of the pneumatically operated automatic quick change
Among the grippers that can be used for the preloader, there is the option of having one with tilting pliers for loading vertical parts from a rack
The rack for loading non-palletizable sheet metal designed for the HBS II is provided
Along with the gripper and the rack, a manual tooling module is provided to allow sheet metal to be deposited on the centering device

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