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MBS Micro Bending System

Automated solutions

A treasure chest of technology,
compact and highly efficient for small pieces


Robotic solution designed for creating a standard bending cell. Its small and optimized size makes the microcell a particularly competitive standard product.
The MBS, designed for high production rates of small size parts, features a standard gripping tool with suction cups and mechanical clamps, able to work on 90% of small size parts.

  • Compact design
  • Low energy consumption
  • High production rates

Technical data

Fanuc Robot 25 kg
Sheet metal size max.600 x 600 mm
Max. weight of the part to be manipulated 5 kg
Deposit on pallet
Offline programming software


Increased load capacity, up to a maximum of 5 kg, with optional grippers.
More than 600x600: optional increase of the size of the sheet metal to be worked up to a maximum of 150x1000 with the addition of optional equipment.
Job list management
Industry 4.0

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