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The solutions developed by Starmatik have specific features, such as our Flexible Bending System (FBS) which manages the work queues by automatically changing the tools of the bending machine, the robot grippers and the programs of the NCs involved in the work.
This solution cuts non-production times while increasing flexibility of use, to provide a greater productivity even in small batch manufacturing.
The systems include one or more anthropomorphic robots complete with vacuum (suction cups), magnetic and/or mechanical grippers (clamps). The robot can be either fixed in front of the bending machine, or move on a floor running track or on a gantry, to allow the use of the press in manual mode also.

  • Simultaneous continuous cycle processes
  • Pre-loading of the material
  • Thickness and centring check
  • Automated loading and unloading
  • Quality check
  • Advanced vision systems
  • Compatibility with other upstream and downstream systems

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We design the development of the production flow in all areas of sheet metal working.

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